Isabelle’s Redemption intro – a short trailer

Feb 04, 2021

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Isabelle used extreme trailing to find the reward and recognition she was missing. It was some sort of redemption through physical exertion. Maybe a mix of self-punishment, with a need of recognition.

Her corporate business career and relationship were no longer providing any of those.  Both came to an end, for the same reasons: she couldn’t stand them anymore, and they couldn’t stand her either. The dream of becoming a mother had vanished in a miscarriage, from an unknown pregnancy.  The 3 Peak Challenge hike, in central Java, proved to be too extreme.  Extreme hiking ended up  changing her life, though not as she expected.

The return to London was sad and sombre. However, her persistence and discipline wouldn’t allow her to succumb to self-pity. Through yoga, she found new role-models and routines, eventually embracing its life-style. A new sort of redemption, this time through health. Moreover, through helping others to achieve their own.

One year later, there was an unexpected invitation to teach yoga in a new company. Isabelle found herself  back in Indonesia, this time in Bali. There, she met Jesús – a borderline Spanish adventurer and photographer. He was  passionate about Balinese Culture and women, aiming for ecstatic moments and aesthetic perfection. This wild, sometimes toxic, presence, was both a challenge and a haven from her nightmares and working issues.

True redemption would eventually come, as it always does: in an unexpected, overwhelming, way.

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