Women are like tattoos

Mar 06, 2020

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A bachelor evening at The Red Carpet, in Seminyak

The analogy between women and tattoos came up among drinking fellows. Mostly middle aged, to old foreigners, relaxing over a few drinks. The posh, “Art Nouveau” bar, with garçonnettes, provided the perfect scenery.

Women are like birds, putting up a show: they dress fancy. He interrupted himself to gently slap the butt of one of the waitresses with a look that meant: “we meet later, yeah?!” They put on make-up, do their hair… And also, they make a mental show. It wasn’t so hard to figure it out, surrounded by women in evening gowns, willing to impress and take selfies. The waitresses, dressed in red or purple mini-skirts and corsets, were distributing drinks and smiles.

– You’re talking about hookers, bro! Intervened one of his friends.
– No, Peter! It’s all women! Some make the “I love” show. Others, the “you bastard” show. In Thailand you’ll find  the “I’m so desperate and I need you so much” show. In Europe, the “you will never have me” show…
Shit!!! That’s deep! Fucken philosopher, are you? Peter insisted, while another one intervened:
Shut the fuck, let the man talk! Britney Spears was wowing “I’m a… Slave, for you” on the sound system, adding an (even more) decadent tone to the conversation. Jesús couldn’t avoid glancing at the big screen TV.

Thanks, Boris!
Sorry to interrupt you again. – said Jesús – But what about if you like the woman and you don’t like the show?
No worries, mate. That’s a good question, anyway? What would you do, Boris?
I’d have another San Miguel, please.
That guy is fucken pissed. Ok, I tell you: “Hugh Hefner” approached him, and assumed the posture of an experienced father, lecturing his young son: The woman IS the show. You cannot keep the woman and ignore the show. Don’t like the show?
Get another woman! Answered the other ones, in choir.

There are plenty of… Wanna see? I know a guy… The super-pimp in Bali… Wanna see his portfolio? Peter picked his iPhone, opened a webpage and started scrolling: Want a model? Wow, she’s gorgeous! Want a DJ? He has everything… He kept scrolling. All prices, starting from 750k. Some were, indeed, quite appealing.
We all end up paying anyway… Concluded “Hugh Hefner”.
Don’t look at me. – Said the one named Boris – I no longer pay to fuck. Now I pay to get fucked!
That’s what you get when you marry for love, bro….
Ahhh, fuck you, and bring me a beer. You know: women are like tattoos. Once you do them, you cannot get them undone… No matter how ugly, or inconvenient, they become!

(Isabelle, made her own show – find the excerpt in here.)


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