What is love? Feelings and colours.

Mar 06, 2020

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…What is love? Love can be everything and so, it ends up being nothing! You love your car, your shoes, a film, your wife, your kids, your God… Love, love, love…

You know the Greeks had four words for “love”?

…But there ain’t only four meanings for love, there are millions, like feelings, and the colours of the rainbow. So one never “loves again”!… Maybe firstly you love as a pale pink, later you love as orange… As you pass adolescence, you love as red, which can, actually evolve to a carmine, fading into violet. Eventually, you can break up and find an old pink… Which, can either fade into some shade of brown (if it’s getting boring) or a nice, surprisingly, dark magenta. Einstürzende Neubauten once sang: “I wish this could be your colour”… And that’s what we end up being, throughout life: colours, as we hope to find matching ones….

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