Mar 06, 2020

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…Perceptions can change, like names and shapes change, but reality is always the same. Everything exists. Everything is true.

“Opposites” are both true. On declaring something as “false”, “fake”, “wrong”, you are excluding part of the Universe. You’re saying: “that shouldn’t be there!” as if you were the Creator and you repent for something you created, (by mistake, perhaps?!).

That inconvenience you want to exclude, from the Universe, it is there for you! It’s a gift for you! So accept it, embrace it, make the most out of if!

Clay can be moulded into a pot or a statue. What can be, today, a pot, tomorrow can be a statue. So are the states of mind and the ideas. “Statue” and “Pot” are temporary forms of clay, like ideas being temporary forms of knowledge. Don’t accept “false”, “wrong”, “untrue” as something absolute!

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