Perceptions – is there a true and false?

Mar 06, 2020

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…Perceptions can change, like names and shapes change, but reality is always the same. Everything exists. Everything is true. [False is only in you.]

“Opposites” are both true. On declaring something as “false”, “fake”, “wrong”, you are excluding part of the Universe. You’re saying: “that shouldn’t be there!” as if you were the Creator and you repent for something you created, (by mistake, perhaps?!).

That inconvenience you want to exclude, from the Universe, is there for you! It’s a gift to you! Accept it, embrace it, make the most out of if!

Clay can be moulded into a pot or a statue. What can be, today, a pot, tomorrow can be a statue. So are the states of mind and the ideas. “Statue” and “Pot” are temporary forms of clay, like ideas being temporary forms of knowledge. Don’t accept “false”, “wrong”, “untrue” as something absolute!

The lie – an everyday case

Let’s get into detail, with an example. Your boyfriend lied to you. He told you he was rich, but he was poor.

Did he really lie to you, or did you lied to yourself? What is the truth?

By the way he dresses, he talks, he behaves, one could immediately evaluate his social status. Moreover, “rich” and “poor” are relative to societies and what is valued as “richness”. For ones is cows or camels, for others, cellphones and cars.

But let’s say, among the same social context, he declared to be rich, despite being socially recognised as poor. Why did he do that?

Most likely, because he sensed your ambition for richness. You induced him into that declaration. Subsequently, you embraced it. You made an image around it, without actually taking time and energy to observe him. The lie, the falseness, you did it yourself, and then accused him of lying. …Which is nothing but defrauding your expectations. One day you create an expectation, next day you destroy it.  Then you blame others for that.

Then you take refuge in “false”, “lie”, “untruth”, to justify your dreams and righteousness.

(Find further reasoning about material possessions in an excerpt of the novel, here. “Perceptions” topic is further explained in here )

As for the visual references for the explained thoughts, they come from my visit to Kumbh Mela. Find some images in here.


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