Richness and sacrifice – tuyul, the baby ghost

Mar 05, 2020

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Another form of Tuyul, found from Java, Indonesia, on sale on Ebay.

Jesús: I read people get a tuyul to get rich. It seems some sort of baby ghost.  How does it work?

Dukun: The couple that wants to get rich talks to a balian and they go to a specific temple. Yes, they do mantras. And they sacrifice a chicken; and the woman’s firstborn dies as a consequence. When one dies, the other dies too.

Jesús: Wow! Why people would sacrifice their own children? It’s like the Chinese, they want a son so, before, when they could only have one child, aborted the daughters until getting a son. Then, of course, there was lack of women and many gays…

Ketut, ignorant on those matters, was totally appalled by both procedures and said something, in Balinese, that probably meant: “I don’t understand why people do those things. What about the karma?“ At least karma was clearly understood by Jesús. The Dukun carried on:

They enrich fast, but the spell demands that someone dies within a specified period (five years, ten or fifteen). There are companies in Bali that were established and flourished upon this. The spell can affect the sons, the grandsons and even employees.

Jesús: Yes. I heard a story from a driver, about a transportation company in Bali that flourished this way. Every now and then an employee died.

Dukun: The owners of the tuyul, however, live a miserable life, only to accumulate riches and never happen to enjoy it.

Jesús: That’s crazy…

You see, Pak: this happen in Bali. Need to be careful. – Intervened Ketut.

Jesús: Careful about what? As long as you’re not desperate to get rich.

Dukun: Not only that, Pak. Many other things…


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The black magic character (Tuyul, also spelled, Toyol) is quite popular, not only in Thailand and Indonesia, but also in Malaysia. Link to a comedy movie on the subject, in here.

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