Isabelle’s Redemption intro – a short trailer

Isabelle used extreme trailing to find the reward and recognition she was missing. It was some sort of...


The main characters

𝐈𝐬𝐚𝐛𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐞: She’s a paradigm of a "tortured hero". On her late thirties; originally from Switzerland. She had a...


What is love? Feelings and colours.

…What is love? Love can be everything and so, it ends up being nothing! You love your car,...


Perceptions – is there a true and false?

…Perceptions can change, like names and shapes change, but reality is always the same. Everything exists. Everything is...


Women are like tattoos

  A bachelor evening at The Red Carpet, in Seminyak The analogy between women and tattoos came up...


The Balinese routine (Balinese Hindu familiar life)

Jesus: Don’t get me wrong: I love this place, but If I was born in here, if I...


A visit to Tirta Empul (Balinese Hindu Temple)

  They arrived at Tirta Empul temple in nearly one hour, where they stopped to collect holy water...


Richness and sacrifice – tuyul, the baby ghost

Another form of Tuyul, found from Java, Indonesia, on sale on Ebay. Jesús: I read people get a...

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